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Anatomy of the ASRMM

Enough Sigma Software Test Coverage Approach




software test coverage approach to the sigma deviations of input data flow

Six Sigma software reliability is not enough for the large scaled,semantically sophisticated software projects. Suggested is the test coverage approach to the sigma deviations for software products. Presented are the estimations of minimum needed software test coverage to assure the achievement of Enough and Six Sigma software reliability at minimum and maximum fault flow throughout the test process.
These estimations are based on the evaluation results yielded by the Agile Software Reliability Monitoring Model (ASRMM), approaching Six Sigma reliability problem in software engineering. This model integrates qualitative subject matter data and quantitative software reliability metrics, providing continuous reliability evaluations throughout software engineering process, thus making possible to trace software reliability requirements from customer to product.
The ASRMM defines test process maturity index enabling software test process schedule to be oriented towards a quantitative failure (fault) intensity objective (FAULT/SITE) that may be recalculated into mean time between failures (MTBF) if the field performance of the computer platform (SITE/HOUR) is known so (FAULT/SITE)*(SITE/HOUR)=(FAULT/HOUR)=1/MTBF.

Presented an example of the ASRMM math mapping into a flowchart of a software project.
The ASRMM fits the Quantitative Paradigm of Software Reliability as Content Relevance that views a software development time as occurrence probability of a program path (site) or path test coverage.

Quantitative content relevance indexing examples may be found in the Content Relevancy Quantification Model and in the Software Reliability and Content Relevance as Systems' Potential Reliability.

In general the systems' algorithmic reliability may be viewed as relevance to system specifications.

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